Higher Crime Rates In Summer May Be Caused By Higher Temperatures

Lehman Johnson Law has some statistics for the higher summer crime rates and some tips to keep you safe.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics looked at seasonal patterns and found these crime statistics:

  • Seasonal patterns existed in household larceny and burglary victimization rates. The crime rates of these household offenses tended to be higher in the summer than during other seasons of the year.
  • When seasonal variations in household property victimization were found, the difference between the highest and lowest seasonal violations were less than 11%.
  • Though rates of motor vehicle theft infractions tended to be lower in the spring than in the summer, there were few regular differences between summer, fall, and winter rates.
  • Aggravated assault rates were higher during the summer than during the winter, spring, and fall. In comparison, simple assault rates were higher during the fall than during other seasons of the year.
  • When seasonal variations were found for violent victimization, the differences between the rates of the highest and lowest seasons were less than 12%.

Why does weather affect offenses?

  • Better weather during summer months brings more people out… including those who create these violations.
  • People tend to leave their windows open during hot summer nights.
  • Summertime means vacation time which takes people away from their homes leaving them vulnerable to break-ins.
  • Higher temperatures cause aggressive behavior, which leads to crime.

What can you do to prevent crime at your home?

According to Infomania, one of the best ways to protect yourself from the uptick in summer crime or offenses is by keeping your vacation and other plans private. Don’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know that your house will remain empty for a couple of weeks. Leave a TV or radio on and put lights on timers to make it look like someone’s home.

Get to know your neighbors. If you already know them, have them watch your house while you are gone and you can promise to do the same for them.

Make sure you take someone with you on those warm summer nights of walking or running. There really is safety in numbers. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially while away from home in unfamiliar places.

Summertime is a fun time. So don’t let crime or the potential of violations take the fun out your good time. But if something does happen, the folks at Lehman Johnson Law are just a phone call away.

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